Tianze (Etha) Hua

First-year ScM in Computer Science
Brown University


Currently based in Providence, Rhode Island
tianze_hua [AT] brown.edu


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Research Interests

I am interested in natural language understanding and its relation with the symbol grounding problem. I believe for us to attribute cognitive properties (m knows p; m understands English; m is conscious; etc.) to AI systems, two components are required: (a) operationalzied definitions of those cognitive properties, and (b) sufficient knowledge of the inner workings of the AI systems of interest. While the first component has been the subject of lengthy debates in the realms of philosophy of mind and epistemology and may continue to be unresolved, the second component offers a domain (interpretability) where concrete answers are achievable.

To get a better understanding of the internal mechanisms in LLMs, I am currently investigating the shared representations across similar tasks in transformer models.

Besides interpretability, I am interested in experimenting and analyzing language understanding through multi-agent interactions.




Sc.M. Computer Science, Brown University
B.S. Computer Science & Philosophy, Tufts University